Sofa Sleeper SMA


Your guests may stay too long!

Sit, Sleep, Dream

Lesley B Fay presents the Sofa Sleeper San Miguel.

Tired of those old, un-attractive, un-comfortable and ugly sofa beds?

Sleek, beautiful and comfortable, the Sofa Sleeper San Miguel will make the most of any room in your home by not taking up much space. Designed with a compact footprint, it’s comfortable enough to enjoy relaxing on movie night, or just lift and flip for an afternoon siesta or to accommodate those frequent SMA guests. After all, we are the 10th Best Place in the World to Retire.

Built with the highest attention to detail and quality in San Miguel de Allende with Mexican tradespeople and Mexican fabric.

Dress it up with great linens…

Accent it with a pillow… or a pup!

Simply remove the back cushions, you can use them later to prop up behind your pillows, then lift and flip the upper portion and voilá, a bed. It’s just that easy. Available in a variety of fabrics and your choice of details, stop into the studio to choose your favorite.

Queen Size Sofa Sleeper (8’w x 27.5″h x 33.5″d).
Starting at $28,000 pesos/$1,400 usd in any of our house fabrics (shown above).

We also custom make sofa bedding in luscious 400 thread count cotton. Your guests… and your pup will sleep soundly! When the time with guests is over, it’s just as easy to convert back to a sofa.

For more details and specifications download our informative pdf.


Fuentes 9A, Los Arcos,
San Miguel de Allende, GTO, México